The name ‘Khatam’ refers to two different. but not entirely separate, regions of the world. On the one hand, the entirety of the known world, such as it is, is Khatam. It is the name most often used when referring to the world as a whole. Secondly, it is the name of the land over which the laws of the Church of Meness fall; the proper, ruled country of Khatam. While in theory and in the minds of the bureaucrats, these two are the same, in practice the Church’s reach is not absolute.

Khatam the Country

Khatam is a theocracy, currently under the rule of High Father Kahlim Satash. Aiding him in his position are eight advisers, who keep him apprised of the state of Khatam, and eight clerics which act as his emissaries to the rest of the Church, and eight generals of the Dragoons, the armed forces of the Church and Khatam. The High Father’s office is located within the High Sanctuary (sometimes also known as the Silver Crown or the Dragon’s Crown) at the center of Grand Centr.

The Church of Meness maintains itself within the Rubel Province, but beyond, where the dangers are far greater, its only presence is in its outlying Sanctuaries, locations maintained regularly by priests and Dragoons, and visited by clerics on pilgrimage, following the path of the First Prophet, Rubel Hiseb, to his sites of meditation over the eight Attendants of Meness.

Khatam the World

The land of Khatam is surrounded in a dense fog: it is the unexplainable nature of this fog that lends Khatam its sharply defined borders and peculiar rules of travel, namely that- because of the fog’s ill-effects- there are, situated at the edges of the Rubel Province, eight portals that allow for uninterrupted travel between Rubel and the outlying regions of Khatam. At current, there is no means of traveling from one Outer Region to another without either traveling the fog or passing back through Rubel.

To the north is the frozen land of Tramontane. There are only sparse pockets of land in this desolate place, so while the Church maintains small outposts, there is little presence beyond.

In the northeast, one will find the Gregale Islands. This archipelago is firmly grasped by the many trade companies of the region, and though the Church’s presence is not unwelcome, any military or law enforcement is done through Company channels.


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